Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse - New Supergirl Movie?

Now I was a little excited reading about this title on Amazon, especially when I saw that Kara Zo-rel was on the cover; Supergirl herself. I got more excited when I watched the trailer and realized that this movie was based on the origin story of Supergirl. I read those issues when they were released in graphic novel form. I even bought the hardcover copy of it. It was one of the best written Supergirl stories and really helped re-envision her into the modern DC world.

I am a little disappointed to see that Supergirl's role in the movie feels greatly downplayed. As is Wonder Woman's who plays a huge role in the graphic novel as well.

Now I'm all one for adaptations being separate from their source material, but this story is Supergirl's story and it seems that only Batman and Superman will get top billing. No doubt I will view this movie but unless Supergirl is more than just a cameo, I won't be along for the purchasing ride.

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  1. I expect a lot from movies that have been adapted from another source. What disappoints me isn't that a movie adaptation isn't true to the source material, but that the movie itself fails to achieve what was intended or that a movie was thrown together without much thought of quality.


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