Saturday, April 16, 2011

Scream 4 - Don't F**k with the Original

The Scream franchise returns with an undeniable vengeance, immediately poking fun at itself and used as a cathartic release of the tired conventions of modern horror films (torture, the endless Asian Horror Movie remakes, etc.). 
Neve Campbell reprises her role as Sydney Prescott, much to everyone’s surprise. The plot involves Sydney returning home to Woodsboro, where the original film took place, and finding herself stalked again by The Ghostface Killer. Joining Neve from the original films are Scream veterans David Arquette and Courtney Cox . New cast members include Emma Roberts, Mary Shelton, Rory Culkin and Hayden Panettiere.

The movie starts with a bang and then started to lose my interest towards the middle, but then all hell breaks loose. Everything in the movie sets you up for expectations that literally get thrown out the window as the movie progresses. The obligatory twist ending this time around is not as random as say the previous two films. I’m not saying I guessed it right off the bat, but once all was revealed, it made perfect sense, stayed true to Scream mythos and was very socially relevant. 
Director Wes Craven returns alongside Scream creator Kevin Williamson. Original Scream scribe Kevin Williamson has written a script that is refreshing as always and full of clever, self referential humor. His characters are witty, smart and layered. The twists and turns are fun as opposed to annoying. Most importantly, it’s hella scary! Let’s not forget this is a horror film and there will be blood and gore. I thought Scream 3 skimped out on that. Scream 4 brings it all back home.

The movie is truly a sequel, but there are various homages to the original films, especially the first one, that the movie also works as a tribute film. The movie no doubt tells a story that pushes the film franchise forward, but it’s also a celebration of what makes this franchise a favorite of mine. 

Scream (Blu-ray Collection)(Scream/Scream 2/Scream 3) (Blu-ray) (Boxset) - Check out the original trilogy before diving into this new installment.