Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Movie Affect - How Does it Affect You?

Whenever my friend Brian tells me he's seen a movie that I plan to watch and haven't had a chance to, I immediately put my fingers to my lips and tell him to "shhhhhh." I don't want to hear his opinion yet, and it's not that I don't ever want to hear his opinion, it's that I don't want his opinion to affect my viewing experience.

We all do it. We all let outside forces affect how we watch the movies we watch. It's all right though. We can't help it. The people in charge of marketing a film makes it their job to affect how we view movies way before we sit in a theater, or pick up that DVD at the store. Sometimes we won't watch a film unless it's in the top ten that week. We assume that since so many people are watching it, that it must be good; or the other way around, that because no one is watching it, it must be really bad.

The people in charge of marketing watch a film and then try to figure out how to market said film to the lowest common denominator. And who can blame them? We live in such an ADD world; one of the most popular animated shows on TV is Family Guy. With that in mind, who could trust some of the trailers and posters that are released for movies? I'm not saying that all trailers and posters can be misleading, but sometimes we as an audience really let that sway our decisions on wether or not we should watch said movie.

I hate the preconceived notion that just because a movie has a low audience attendance, that it's a bad movie. To anyone who's seen The Star Wars Prequels, you know very well that a high attendance does not make a good film. The Bratz movie was pulled from theaters due to low attendance, but it's not a bad movie, especially if you're the demographic it was created for. I mean come on, it wasn't Gigli. A low attendance means just that, a low attendance. A movie cannot be judged if is not seen.

You want to know how to decide wether or not you should watch a movie? Check out the director. Are you a fan? Most likely you will have a good experience. Do you admire the writer? Check it out. You might find something you'll like. Just sit back and enjoy. Watch the movie. Don't let the movie watch you.

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  1. It would be nice if you watch movies when I do so we can talk about it! After all the waiting I forget to even talk about it with you!
    I agree that just because lots of people watch and like a movie doesn't make it a good movie, and just because a lot of people don't watch a movie doesn't make it a bad movie.
    I try not to let other people's opinions affect my experience watching a movie. I try to set those opinions aside and make my own opinion about the movie. I think a lot of people who think a movie is too "hyped up" had become too "hyped up" and really should be going at a movie with no expectations. I tend to have low expectations and can go in with that mentality even if I saw previews or read a review or spoke to friends and such. I think a problem we have is that we allow external opinions influence our own.


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