Friday, August 13, 2010

Pokemon: Black and White - New Pokemon Show and Game

It's really hard for me to watch anime nowadays. Kids don't know how hard it was for anime fans back then. Back in the 80s and early 90s, I literally had to hunt for titles. Even American releases like Voltron, Robotech and Starblazers were hard to find, and if I could find it, it was usually around 29.99 for one VHS copy. Remember VHS kids?

Also, there wasn't a lot of variety back then. We had no Funimation doing our releases. We had ADV, Animeigo and Streamline/Harmony Gold. It didn't help that most of the titles tended to be more towards the adult side. You kids have it so easy.

When anime became more mainstream, I was a little though. It was now much easier to get titles, but that was mostly because anime was now marketed towards little kids. Shows like the heavily edited down Sailor Moon, Yugi-Oh! and Pokemon helped paved the way for anime in America currently.

Pokemon hasn't had a new title for a while, but a huge comeback is right around the corner. Two new game releases are coming soon to the states. The two releases are Pokemon Black and Pokemon White. Both for the DS. The accompanying anime series is called Pokemon: Best Wishes, or at least that's what it's called in Japan. I'm pretty sure they might change it for it's American release. Here's a preview from Japan of the new show.

Looks cute to me, though I don't consider myself a Pokemon fan. I do like Jiggly Puff though. I'm a singer ;-)

Git It! Git It!

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