Sunday, February 7, 2010

Alice on the Wall - Read the Review, Watch the Movie :-)

Upon review, Disney's Alice in Wonderland is not only one of the faithful cinematic retellings of Lewis Carrol's most well known books, but also a nice allegory for growing up. Alice starts the movie young and naive and grows throughout the movie, and I don't mean just physically. Not as obvious as one would expect in a Disney film, but it does happen.
I used to really hate this movie because I really like when Disney Studios personalize a well known story with their own magical touch. In this movie, the only real Disney staple I see is that of the character of Alice, and that's enough for me really. They really took this character out of the pages and put her into reality, and then put her into Wonderland, hehehe. Smiley face again :-)
I may have naysers to this next quote, but one thing I love about Disney movies is how they create strong central female characters. Throughout Cinderella's plight, she stays strong and true to herself. Aurora even has a hint, tiny tiny hint, of rebellion when she discovers she is truly a princess. Alice is a very strong character and she is what drives the entire movie. We really care about her because Disney allows us to get to know her; portrayed to perfection by Kathryn Beaumont. Kathryn Beaumont IS Alice. This little underrated actress is known for Alice and Wendy, but trust me folks, this girl OWNS Alice. End of story
This review however is not for Disney's well known adaptation, but for a special cut of the film I saw that synchronized Disney's Alice in Wonderland and Pink Floyd's well know album The Wall.
Like with MGM's Wizard of Oz and Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, one simply has to play the album along with the footage of the film, and boom, a psychedelic version of a well known family film musical. I'm not going to get into the psychology behind audio synchronized type experiences, or how random the idea is, I'm just here to review one of them.
Alice on the Wall, or The Wonderland Wall isn't perfect, even though it's a much better synchro than Oz and Moon, but wow when it comes together it really comes together.
The first thing I noticed is when a scene changes, either the mood of the music changes or a song changes completely with the film. Other things I noticed is when sound effects on the album synch up with the action on-screen. A scene where Alice is cradling her kitten Dinah has a baby crying (or meowing) on the album.
Of course, not an ideal way to watch the movie, but it is fun when you and a bunch of friends want to sit around and see an interesting movie experience for little to no money. I mean, all you really need is a copy of The Wall and a copy of Disney's Alice, or you could watch it on the google video provided up above :-)

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