Sunday, February 14, 2010

(500) Days of Summer - A Love Story with Balls

I love Zooey Deschanel. I love everything I've seen her in, even The Happening. She has it all: Her unique acting style. Her awesome singing voice (which we also get to hear in this movie) and her choice of acting roles. So far I've seen her play everything from the ingenue role of Lady Larken in the movie musical Once Upon a Mattress, a space traveler in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy to a kick-ass Dorothy Gale in Tin Man.
She's recently been doing more mainstream fair like the formerly mention The Happening, Yes Man with Jim Carrey and Elf with Will Ferrel.
Zooey however is really the Queen of the Indie Scene. With films like Eulogy and the music album Volume 1 she has done with M. Ward as She and Him.
In (500) Days of Summer she plays the title character of Summer who Jospeh Gordon Levitt's character, Tom Hansen, pines for the duration of the film despite her constant telling him that she does not belive in having a boyfriend or being pinned down to one guy, and it's not hard to believe that he would still chase after her, at least for me.
(500) Days of Summer lets you know straight up that these two people will not end up together at the end of the film. The film lets you know how Tom Hansen feels about a sexual encounter he just had with Summer by breaking out into a big song and dance number. The film lets you know with a disclaimer at the beginning of the movie that the events are also not based on fact. Of course that is just not true, right?
There is so much reality infused into this romantic comedy that you laugh because as outlandish as some of the actions are of the characters (Summer and Tom sit in a park and see who can yell "penis" the loudest as people pass by) you can't help be see how real it is.
The movie is filmed in a very unique way in which we can tell exactly how our main character Tom Hansen is feeling. To the dance number already mentioned to the split screen sequence in which we see at - the same time - how he wants things to go down, and exactly how it will go down.
The movie is cleverly written, and the tone throughout the film is very even. It's very well acted and easy to believe. Plus Zooey's in it, hello.
Here's a performance of Zooey that has nothing to do with the movie.
Beautiful, no?

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