Saturday, February 6, 2010

50 First Dates - Ed and Mark's Romantic Afternoon

So it was the morning after opening night of the musical I choreograph, sing and dance in, and Mark and I were just relaxing at home. I wanted to watch an obscure underground movie and Mark wanted to watch 50 First Dates, which I have never seen before. He likes doing that, watching movies with me that I've never seen before. I usually have watched whatever movie he wants to watch already. He especially likes watching a movie with me that neither have us have watched.
50 First Dates goes into that category of movies that I just didn't get to watching. I did want to watch it, but I just never got around to it.
As everyone knows, 50 First Dates is the story of a boy played by Adam Sandler meeting a girl played by Drew Barrymore who doesn't remember meeting him at all the following few days. So enchanted by the girl by Drew Barrymore he is, he decides to pursue her day after day so they can fall in love day after day.
Adam Sandler plays it straight for the most part. Straight meaning he's not the funny man in this one, and straight meaning he's not exclusively attracted to the ladies. Heheh. You've got to see the opening scene for that one to be explained.
The funny one in this one has got to be Drew Barrymore. This little lady lets it loose in this movie and I think she should always let it loose. She has a real talent for comedy that sadly is only properly displayed on the blooper real that's contained in the disc. Within the movie however, she does a delicate balance of retaining humor while dealing with the seriousness of her condition, which doesn't actually exist within our reality but within the reality of the movie. She's awesome.
There's also a scene with a vomiting walrus that I couldn't stop watching. Vomit is funny. :-) Smiles!!!
Also stars Dan Akroyd, Rob Schneider, Sean Astin and a heartfelt appearance from Amy Hill. (All-American Girl's Grandma Kim)
A pretty good romantic comedy that isn't without it's faults, but well worth a view. Now that that's over, I get to watch my obscure movie. Stay tuned for a review on that one, hehehe.

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