Friday, February 5, 2010

More Alice News

Wow, what I thought was going to happen is going to happen. With the upcoming release of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland comes a slew of Alice DVDs, both new releases and re-releases. The most popular of these new Alice DVDs coming out is Paramount Pictures' Alice in Wonderland done in 1933.
Out of print for years now and only available on TV in edited form, Paramount's Alice in Wonderland will finally see it's way onto DVD March 2nd. Tim Burton's Alice comes out on March 5th. See how marketing works?
This is one Alice I have never seen but I have heard so much about it. Like most versions, it combines elements of both Alice books.
Here's the only clear scene I can find. It features The White Queen (in sheep form) and Humpty Dumpty.

Like other Alice adaptations, this fim also has a big name cast. Hard to tell unless you have a good ear, but that's WC Fields as Humpty. Other cast members include Gary Cooper as The White Knight and CARY GRANT!!!! He is so dreamy. Not sure how dreamy he'll be playing The Mock Turtle though.
The amazon listing shows that the movie is Black and White and COLOR. Not sure what that means but I am anxious to find out.
This is definitely a version of Alice I want to purchase real soon. This one and Meryl Street in Alice at the Palace.

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  1. I'm excited! I do wanna read the book, too. Have a movie night and i'll so come down.


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