Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Nate and Margaret - Comically Sweet

It's not hard to imagine an eccentric gay boy being friends with an awkward middle aged woman. Nate is a film student who is not too social, though he has friends that are. Margaret is his best friend, and Nate is her only friend. Margaret is old enough to be his mother.

And here we have our heroes in this really sweet semi autobiographical film by Nathan Adloff. Nate and Margaret had it's world premiere at Film Out San Diego. The film stars Roseanne's Natalie West as socially awkward stand up comic Margaret. Wise Kid's Tyler Ross plays Nate. The friendship between the two is portrayed as very sweet and only gets shaken up when Nate starts dating James, played to perfection by Conor McCahill in his first feature.

Gaby Hoffman is worth noting. Known for roles in "All I Wanna Do," "Now and Then" and "Uncle Buck," Gaby plays party girl Darla. She was a very welcome surprise. I'm glad she never stopped working. Go Gaby.

I highly recommend this movie. It is very well written and very well acted. The look of the film is very sleek. This one is sure to be enjoyed especially if it gets a wider release.

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