Friday, May 18, 2012

Desperate Housewives Finale - A Spoilerific and Picture Heavy Goodbye

There is so much I want to say. It's hard to gather my thoughts on a series that I have loved for 8 seasons. Desperate Housewives was a clever parody on soap opera tropes while still being a well written show. I was instantly enchanted. Though never self referential, I always got the feeling that these characters knew they were in a crazy soap opera and they found it somewhat amusing. It's that kind of nod to the audience that got me to keep watching for 8 seasons.

The show dealt with issues such as suicide, domestic abuse, child abuse, matricide, patricide and of murder to name a few. Among all of this craziness, the show retained a sweetness and a theme of friendship that is sure to resonate past it's 8 seasons.

The 2 hour finale also saw the closing of several plotlines and sent all of the characters out of Wisteria Lane for their happy endings and even left the series open for another episode, albeit one without our favorite characters.

Let's say goodbye to those characters:

Susan Mayer 
This woman went through two husbands and more love triangles than I can even remember. She's always going to be that pretty girl that falls flat on her face, but always picks herself up. Goodbye Susan.

Lynette Scavo
Her relationship with her husband is to me how a healthy couple should be. Her legion of kids tells me that this girl really needs to up her birth control. She was always the housewife that was grounded in reality. She was also kick-ass: She saved Celia Solis from near death by plane, she stood up for herself when she was held hostage, She dealt with the killer of Wisteria while she was pregnant with baby Paige. What I adore most was her relationship with her first born daughter Penny. Goodbye Lynette.

Bree Van de Kamp

Called the Mayor of Stepford by her gay son Andrew. Bree tried her best to be the best mother and wife for her family, but sadly her family didn't want none of that. Her first husband Rex was into SM and was murdered by their pharmacist who later on became her fiancee. Rex was then slowly offed by Bree, though indirectly. Her second husband Orson tried to kill her friend Mike. Orson's mother in turn tried to kill Bree. Bree prevailed though. Her relationship with her gay son was it's own rollercoaster. Andrew tried to destroy his mother, slept with her boyfriend and then was abandoned on the road when Bree couldn't take anymore of his antics. After spending a considerable amount of time on the street doing you-know-what, Andrew and his mother grew close and she even came to accept that he was just born the way he is. He's gay and she loves him. I think I'll miss you most of all Bree.

Gabriel Solis

Where can I even begin with this one. She opens the series sleeping her beefy teenage gardener behind her working husband's back, and ends the series being the bread winner and still with her husband. Having so many ups and downs, it's amazing to see that Gabi and her longtime on again, off again husband have accepted that they belong together. Her relationship with her two daughters is amazing considering she never wanted to kids. Though she did suffer a miscarriage and suffered the loss of a child when her adopted daughter was taken away. Throughout the series, Gabriel proved that she was never as shallow as even she believed she was. I will miss you Gabi.

Mary Alice Young

Her suicide started the whole ball rolling. Her narration from the grave helped to bring the themes of the episodes together and her relationship with her friends was always sweet and devoted. The literally unseen fifth cast member, she wouldn't just narrate, she would be watching over her friends and family. She will be missed. Goodbye Mary Alice Young.

I highly recommend a viewing of this series. Very well written, very well paced and for a soap opera, the attention to continuity is amazing. 

And don't check it out for the strong men... 

...check it out for the strong women :-)

Most importantly, check it out when the complete series box set comes out in September. 

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