Sunday, June 17, 2012

Yellow Submarine - All You Need is this Blu Ray !!!!!

Yellow Submarine does not have the best pacing or the most original of stories, but it is no doubt a gorgeous beautiful animated masterpiece that everyone should enjoy.

The Beatles are taken on this magical journey to Pepperland to save the musical land from creatures called The Blue Meanies. Throughout this journey we are treated to various songs from the Beatles accompanied by the most striking aniamted visuals to make it to celluloid.

While the songs are perfomed by The Beatles, voice actors voice the band mates during the dialogue portions. You would never have guessed though. These actors are spot on and create a very seamless production.

Very trippy at times while still being a very sweet and loving tribute to The Beatles, Yellow Submarine is a must for all. Because we all love The Beatles... right?

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