Monday, June 14, 2010

Sex and the City 2 - More than a Sequel

Sex and the City is back - again - with a second movie. Following the events of the first movie, which in return followed the events of the six season series, Sex and the City 2 is a much stronger film that could really stand on it's own, more so than the first theatrical venture.
With all of the main characters married, except for promiscuous Samantha of course, I was starting to worry that the ladies would start to resemble Desperate Housewives. Our lead, Carrie, has finally married Mr. Big (the main plot of the first movie) and Miranda and Charlotte are married with children. As much as I love my Desperate Housewives, I didn't want these Sex and the City girls to lose sight of who they are. Luckily that's the main point of this film. The movie takes these all too familiar characters and pushes them forward. In movies, things move, that's why they're called movies.
Carrie's marriage to Big has some bumps to smooth out. Charlotte is starting to fall under a new kind of stress with two daughters. Samantha, being the oldest in the group, is fearing menopause. And then there's Miranda.
Miranda's character growth in this movie was the most fun to watch. Career oriented Miranda leaves her job and gets to spend some time not worrying about anything (gasp). Miranda really gets to be there for her friends and family in this movie because now she doesn't have a stressful job to worry about and it was fun seeing this strong woman find that she doesn't need a powerful job to be that strong woman. Kudos to actor Cynthia Nixon.
The movie features lots of gratuitous body shots. We get a pair of breasts under a white wet t-shirt (not from any the main women), speedo crotch shots, and shots of men's behinds. It is called "Sex" and the City, and don't you forget it. Remember the awesome nudeness and crotch shot from the first one? Still plenty of that in this film too, and then some.
Cameos from Liza Minelli, Penelope Cruz (I heart her), Miley Cyrus, and fan favorite John Corbett feel right at home. These girls live in a big world (New York, and later on vakay at Abu Dhabi) and a big world is presented here. The karaoke bar they visit (in Abu Dhabi) looks more like a Las Vegas stage than anything I've ever sung in. And trust me, I know my karaoke.
Here's me singing on Myspace Karaoke.
An awesome movie with an awesome message about women and married life. I recommend you watch this one. If you want you can also watch the first movie or the series, but it's not necassary. Just sit back and let the world of Carrie and friends engulf you in this one film.

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