Sunday, June 27, 2010

Aeon Flux - More than Just an MTV Action Film

When Charlize Theron starred as sympathetic serial killer Aileen Wuornos in Monster, I decided to myself that this actor can do ANYTHING! When she got cast as Aeon Flux in the live action adaptation of the MTV animated series of the same name, I was more than ecstatic. I had no doubt that this actor could do this character justice and play her believably and realistically.

 Upon viewing the film, I was right. Theron's Aeon sounds and acts just like the animated version; the movie looks and feels just like the animated series, right down to the weird camera angles and all; and the storyline is multi layered and up for personal interpretation as well. Just like the animated series.

All involved obviously had a huge love for the series, but also made sure the movie stood on it's own. The movie could easily be seen as an episode of the series, as well as a stand alone feature.

As usual, Aeon is trying to kill Trevor and as usual, she can't because she loves him. The movie includes one other character from the series - Sithandra, who has two hands where her two feet should be - and introduces Aeon's sister - Una Flux - who becomes a central plot point in the movie.

 What sets the movie apart from other action movies is that the action is secondary. The plot is central and really does drive the actions of the characters. While there is plenty of action scenes, they are usually set against really beautiful backdrops: a cherry tree garden, a secret minimalist room, the city of Bregna itself.

Creator Peter Chung was a little more displeased with this product, but that's expected, especially considering he had little to no involvement with this piece. Director Karyn Kusama, who also directed Girlfight, really strives for the look and feel of Peter Chung's creation. While there is talk of extra scenes that were exercised out of the film, the finished product feels like a classic all on it's own. A real treat for fans of the series, fans of action films and those looking to watch a movie that makes them think.

But a note to creater Peter Chung. How about making your own Aeon Flux film? Animated and all?

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  1. What I liked about the movie was that technology was nature based.


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