Sunday, June 27, 2010

Glee - DVD Roulette

Glee has had such a weird and interesting first season. A show that featured football players dancing to "Single Ladies," a pregnant cheerleader singing "A Man's World," a refreshing portrayal of homosexuality, and I haven't even begun to talk about anyone who's ever won a Tony Award making guest appearances.

A very like-able sugary series with a very sordid home video release. Originally, Glee was 13 episodes. Those 13 episodes were planned to be released on DVD as Glee Season 1. When Fox decided that Glee was making them a helluva lot of money, they made more episodes, causing the DVD release to be retitled Glee Season 1 Volume 1 - Road to Regionals.

This left fans with the expectation that a Volume 2 was going to be released. They were wrong. Instead Fox was going to release Glee Complete Season 1. It would include everything in the Road to Regionals release and the extra episodes produced afterward. No Volume 2. Those sad fans who bought Volume 1 now had to buy a whole box set that already had the majority of episodes they already purchased.

Of course, customers complained, and of course they complained to the wrong people: the stores. I mean come on, the stores just sell the products, they have no say in how they're released. I got that a lot when I worked in Fry's Electronics. My response to them was always the same: "Write a letter to the studios."

Luckily, Fox listened to the demands of those purchasers and have decided to release a Season 1 Volume 2 set to go alone with the DVD and Blu Ray release of Glee Complete Season 1. Life is good again :-) Power to the people. Look for it in stores September 14.

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