Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tim Burton's Maleficent

That's right. Tim Burton is taking the Gregory Macguire route and doing his own take on a classical villain, this time one owned by Disney Studios. Wow, another Disney post.

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I'm very excited for this project. Sleeping Beauty is one of my least favorite Disney movies for the mere fact that our female protagonist, Rose, doesn't really do anything pro-active. Now the villain in this piece, the dark and evil Maleficent, she's something else. Who here doesn't like her? She's a powerful woman with super powers who rules her own kingdom (of trolls) and can turn into a dragon. Hell, when Prince Phillip was rescuing our sleeping princess, I was rooting for the dragon.

This might be coinciding with the recent announcement that the "Wicked" movie has been greenlit. Get it?

Two green females duking it out for the number one spot at the box office.

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