Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jem - The Movie (?)

After writing my Jem article yesterday I did some digging to see what was up with those legalities keeping Jem from being released. Well I found out that it has all been sorted out and Hasbro is going to go ahead and give Jem a full come back, and that includes a live action movie.

I originally found the news in some website that had bad grammar, so I went to a more reliable souce.

Check out the full article

I think this is pretty exciting news. A live action Jem movie has been a dream of Jem fans for years now, many of whom have their own casting choices for the main character and her friends. I think they should get Samantha Newark, the speaking voice of Jem to play her. She still looks pretty young and she's now a very established singer. She also hasn't forgotten her pink roots. Check her out.

I think this will be a very different movie if produced. Not only do you have main female characters, but you'll have the sci fi aspect of Synergy and musical numbers. I have faith in this film.

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