Thursday, November 29, 2012

Rise of the Guardians - A Fun Ride

When it comes to Dreamworks Animated Films, I don't really care much for them unless the name Shrek is attached to the title. In the case of Rise of the Guardians, "wow this movie is good."

Based off of William Joyce's book series The Guardians of Childhood, Rise takes what we know of these mythical icons and builds on them to create these heroic archetypes. In this world, Santa, The Easter Bunny, Sandman and Tooth Fairy are the Guardians of Childhood. The story centers on the addition of a new Guardian into their team, Jack Frost. Together, these Guardians battle The Boogeyman, Pitch (Jude Law) who has a vendetta against our heroes.

Rise of the Guardians tells it's story in a steady pace. We as an audience are allowed to really absorb ourselves into this fantasy world. Most importantly, we are allowed to really get a feel for these characters. The film's slow crawl and restraint is refreshing compared to the usual pop culture referenced jokes that have been littered in family films in the past. Not to say the film isn't a fun ride, because it truly is a fun ride.

And now.... our Childhood Guardians:

The Tooth Fairy (Isla Fisher)
A very different look for the character. Usually envisioned as a very Glinda type, this Tooth Fairy looks and feels like she was plucked out of Pan's Labyrinth. (Pan's Guillermo del Toro Executive Produced Rise.)

A cute mute character that proves also to be the team's most valued member. 

Easter Bunny (Hugh Jackman)
A much more heroic take on the character. He now has boomerangs and a fighter's attitude. He is still very much into painting eggs and hiding them for children to find. :-) 

Santa Claus (Alec Baldwin)
Santa is now tatted up and has a Russian accent, but he's still jolly St. Nick. 

Jack Frost (Chris Pine)
Oh dreamy Jack Frost. Being the new guy, throughout the film, we are learning about The Guardians and their world as he is.

Here's hoping for some sequels :-)

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