Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Romeo X Juliet - I Wanna Watch it Again

Wow this show was amazing. I picked it up kind of on an impulse. Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare is one of my most favorite plays and what little I saw of this anime series intrigued me.

This series uses Shakespeare's play as a template. Romeo and Juliet are still star-crossed lovers and their families are feuding. The feud is more fully explored in this series. More so than any other adaptation of the classic.

  • "It's kinda what I've been craving in an anime series for awhile
  • it's character driven, the music is amazing, the dialogue is amazing, the story is intense, and the various references to other Shakespearian works are a nice bonus"

A lot of liberties are taken. Juliet has more of an active role in the story. This girl is now a warrior and appears to be of a much stronger physical strength as compared to the male lead, Romeo.

The fantasy world the characters live in never upstages the character driven drama that is presented.

A highly recommended series if you ever get a chance to view it.

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