Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lost in Austen - Ever Get Lost in a Good Book?

When life gets to crazy, serious and downright boring, I like to relax with a book. A lot of the times it's one of Lewis Carrol's Alice books, but other times it's Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.

Who wouldn't want to get Lost in Austen? I love Pride and Prejudice and find myself yearly revisiting my copy.

I love the scandals, the quirky characters and the musings of the female lead, Elizabeth Bennet. She's so smart and it's very easy to root for her.

It's a fun love story full of conflict, drama and the broodiest brooding male lead. Take that Robert Pattinson.

I need to repurchase the Zombie edition BTW.

Pride and Prejudice has been immortalized on film and television several times. There was one in 1940; a popular mini-series starring Colin Firth in the 90's; Bride and Prejudice, a Bollywoord take on the material; and Kiera Knightely played Elizabeth Bennet in one of the newest screen adaptations.

The latest incarnation of the book, Lost in Austen centers around Amanda Price, a girl from our time, who switches places with Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice. Amanda unknowingly affects the familiar love story.  What happens and what is revealed about familiar characters and situations are both hilarious and surprising.

The movie (released a mini-series originally) works on a few different leves: as a love story itself, an homage to the original book, and a time traveling story. The piece is really a fresh take on an old classic and highly recommended.

An American remake is said to be in the works written by Nora Ephron.

Since Kiera Knightley played Elizabeth Bennet in an earlier movie version, I wanna see Natalie Portman play Amanda Price in the American remake. Kiera played Natalie's double in Star Wars Episode 1.

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