Sunday, June 12, 2011

X-Men: First Class - Attend an X-citing New Beginning

X-Men First Class is being billed as a prequel or a reboot to the dwindling X-Men film franchise.
Thankfully for me, a huge X-Men fan, X-Men: First Class is here and it's pretty darn good by golly. The tone of the film is a little bit closer to the serious and grounded tone of the first film, directed by fan favorite Bryan Singer. Despite some hockey scenes, this movie is truly what an X-Men movie should be.

This new film, helmed this time around by Matthew Vaughn, explores the early friendship of Professor X and Magneto, now played by young actors James McAvoy as Charles "Professor x" Xavier and Michael Fassbender as Erik "Magneto" Lensher.  The are sexy sexy sexy. The villainous Mystique from the previous films is now played with sensitivity here by Oscar Nominated actress Jennifer Lawrence. January Jones plays the ultra cool Emma Frost alongside Kevin Bacon as Sebastian Shaw.

What makes any X-Men story special is the fight for equality. These characters are reminded every moment of their lives that they are different, so when they fight, it's a fight for acceptance. Mystique in this outing, played by Jennifer Lawrence, truly embodies that fight. Jennifer Lawrence has taken a character that was almost mute in the previous movies and has given her depth and vitality... not to mention clothes. If Rebecca Romijn ever revisits this role, I hope she takes her cues from Jennifer Lawrence's take on the character.

The look of the film is very groovy baby. Taking place in the 60s, the film has the look of an uber James Bond film.

The youthful energy of the cast is a very welcome addition to the franchise. The movie doesn't seem to be bogged down in it's own mythology, unlike previous entries, creating a film experience that everyone can enjoy.

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  1. Awesome review! Saw it and enjoyed it. Might see it again (because where i saw it didn't have English subtitles and I missed out on Fassbender's lines). Anyhow, yay. What was your take on the rest of the characters?

  2. I really liked Emma and I hope they give her more to do in the next one. Fassbender was HOT!!!!!


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