Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Powerpuff Girls Movie - The Return of The WhoopAss Girls

OMG I haven't seen this movie in years. I saw it in theaters and then ignored the US DVD release due to Warner Home Video's reluctance to release it in it's original widescreen. A fate that has also been cast down on the musical Annie and the awesomeness of Cats Don't Dance.

If you've seen The Powerpuff Girls TV series, then you know what to expect: Mary Blair type artwork, old school spy movie type musical cues, homages to classic anime and kung fu movies, and superpowered battles that are too cute and incredible at the same time.

The movie tho does take a different tone than the TV series. The TV series has always softened the blow of some of the harsher themes that our main heroines have been presented with, but in this origin story type movie, creator Craig McCracken really dives in towards a darker tone for our girls. Initially he was trying to get back to the roots of the original short that inspired The Powerpuff Girls. Back then they were called The WhoopAss Girls. 

Some of the major things that seperate this movie from the light hearted fun of the TV show is that the citizens of Townsville really do hate the girls for most of the movie and the girls have to deal with thinking they've been abandoned for most of the picture. I usually cry in almost every movie I see, but this one really had me pulling out almost every emotion out of my frail twinky body.

Not to say that this movie is nothing but seriousness. There are a lot of clever and non clever comedic moments and wordplay throughout the film and it still very much a Powerpuff Girls story. This one really needs to get out onto Blu Ray, you know what I mean?

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